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You know how important it is to connect with your customers, but the amount of time it takes to maintain a consistent social media presence is overwhelming. Not to mention the time it takes trying to figure out the best ways to get your message to stand out. 

Sound Familiar?

"I don't have time to keep up with this!"

"Do I need to do one of those dancing videos?"

“How do I know what I'm posting is working?”

“Why aren’t my posts gaining traction?”

When it comes to social media management, you're probably wondering...

Let's Work Together!

Ready to take social media management off your plate?

Your social media following has grown exponentially.

Your feeds are filled with content that your audience loves, captures your brand completely, and clearly states the value of your offering.

You have a solid strategy for where social media fits into your overall marketing plan.

You have no idea what’s trending—and you don’t have to!

Picture This:

We create results-driven social media strategies that take your brand to the next level. From creating gorgeous content, to tapping into influencers to represent your brand, we'll help you reach your business goals.

Our social media management team authentically and consistently engages your audience across every active platform, leaving you free to do the work you truly love.

What you can expect:

Social Media Management

All packages are custom quoted. Book a free consultation to learn more.

Tell me more!

We build engaging content and optimize your budget to reach new audiences and meet your business goals.

  • Advanced targeting and retargeting
  • Ad creation and optimization
  • Bid management and optimization
  • Driving traffic, downloads or sales
  • Lead generation

Ad Management

We connect you with the right influencers to represent your brand and expand your reach.

  • Search, outreach and talent relations
  • Contracting and compliance
  • Creative strategy and content creation
  • Shipping and fulfillment
  • Quality assurance
  • Analytics and reporting

Influencer Management

We create original, short-form content that captures attention and brings your brand's vision to life.

  • Content analysis, strategy and planning
  • Professional product or lifestyle photography
  • Conceptualize, shoot and edit Reels/TikToks
  • Platform-specific video production 
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • Logo design or logo refresh 

Content Creation + branding

We implement a custom content strategy based on your business goals and target audience.

  • Create monthly content calendar
  • Consistent posting of hyper-engaging content
  • Copywriting to match brand voice on all content
  • Monitoring and implementing of current trends
  • Community management with proactive engagement to foster and grow community
  • Goal setting and reporting against critical KPIs

Not ready for management? We also offer a Social Media Audit & Strategy Roadmap or a 1-hour strategy session.

Social media management

Social Media Services:

- Sadie Kurzban
Founder of 305 Fitness

"Katie Love and her team have been fantastic to work with! We've grown our IG from under 50K to over 100K and our TikTok from 0 to over 120K! Her team was incredible at content strategy and positioning, channel management and customer engagement, and helping our team grow our social followings substantially. Highly recommend."

- Anna Crollman
My Cancer Chic

"Katie and her team are AMAZING. After working with other agencies previously it's like night and day. Not only are they experts but their communication is phenomenal. Tiffany has grown my Pinterest account from an audience of 1.5 million to 2.5 million in 2-3 months. I want to hire them for all of my social media needs."

- Alexis Burke
Owner of Cooked Goose Catering

"Katie and her team have been an absolute lifesaver to our business and social media pages! It really is a full time job and something I couldn’t effectively keep up with on my own. They’re always planning ahead for our posts and in constant communication. There are no words for the amount of stress they’ve helped alleviate for us! Bonus that they’re the sweetest and kindest to work with."

- Valerie C. Gangas
Speaker and Author

"Working with Love Social Media has completely transformed my social media game. I’m getting way more engagement, I’m selling more books than ever and I LOVE working with her team.

Hiring Katie has been one of the best moves I’ve made for my company
and the future of my work. She is the best!"

- Allison Schlanger
Founder of Songs for Seeds

"Once Katie and Megan took over, I never had to think about social media posts - ever. They never missed a day of posting - whether they were following our lead on messages we wanted to get out or leading us on messages we really should get out. I highly recommend Love Social Media to any company looking to outsource their posts, stories, videos and more. You will be in incredible hands."

Our goal with all of our work is authenticity, honesty, and purpose. Not only in the content we create for you, but also in the way we ignite your fans. We work hard to create a passionate community that believes in your brand and excitedly engages with your content.


We’ll create the buzz around your brand AND ask the underlying thought-provoking questions that create a solid and enduring strategy. How? By taking the time to get to know you, your brand, and your customer like we know our best friends.


We create a results-driven strategy and purposefully integrate into your existing systems—we make sure everything is streamlined and efficient. We may be the social media experts, but you’re the expert on your brand and vision, and that vision is what drives our work. 


Our signature three-pillar approach is the secret to our social media management success.

Let's do this!

How can you tell if we'll be business besties?

A champagne brunch is your happy place.

You completely agree with Elle Woods— “Whoever said orange is the new pink was seriously disturbed.”

“Women Supporting Women” is your life motto.

You know the value of your work and you want others to know it too.

You’re ready to take your brand to the next level.

You know that successful doesn’t always have to be serious.

Our Work

Branding & Graphics

Brand Photography

Grow sales on social from $309 to $5.5K—a 525%+ increase

Increase average order size by 149% 

Increase website traffic by 352%

Grow followers by 20% and audience reach by 507%

In just six weeks, LSM was able to:

The Results

We were hired by Mamalux to lead all social media strategy, content development and ad management. We wanted to target new breastfeeding moms looking for something to sleep in that’s comfortable and leak-proof.

Our objective was to grow Lindsay's audience and increase her engagement on Instagram and TikTok through video content and management of paid ads.

The Objectives

Mamalux is a high-end line of sustainable and super soft loungewear for new moms. Founder Lindsay Stuart spent nearly three years developing the most comfortable and flattering leakproof nursing apparel out there.

Case Study: Mamalux



We work on a monthly retainer basis for our social media packages. We can set-up recurring payments to make the process simple and easy. 

Our audits are a one-time flat fee.

How do I join the LSM team?

How long are your contracts?

How do payments work?

How do I see examples of LSM's work?

How do I find out more about what Love Social Media offers?

We typically ask for a 3-6 month minimum contract. 

We need that time to show you REAL results! However, either party may terminate the agreement with 30 days written notice.

How do I join the LSM team?

How long are your contracts?

How do payments work?

How do I see examples of LSM's work?

How do I find out more about what Love Social Media offers?

Frequently Asked Questions

Let's Work Together!

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