When you’ve built a business from the ground up, it’s hard to let someone else take the reins. You don’t want to trust your brand (and your money) to strangers only to get a cookie-cutter strategy from an impersonal agency. 

Social media is important, but it’s taking time away from your actual business. 

Love Social Media 
is a results-driven social media agency that helps you reach your full potential.

We Get It and we can help!

Meet Your Love Social Media Team

Owner and founder Katie Love saw how women in business were underestimated, undervalued, and pushed aside. Combining a desire to center women and women’s voices with the idea that social media can create positive relationships, Love Social Media was born to help female-led brands reach their larger business goals.

After a viral Instagram reel with over 40 million views garnered 25,000 new followers in a single week, Love Social Media became the go-to social media agency for female business owners.

Thanks to Katie’s strong belief in a people-centered approach, Love Social Media’s clients feel supported and understood. They know their social media is being taken care of so they can put their energy back into running their business.

How Love Social Media Became a Viral Social Media Agency

After spending six years covering natural disasters, high-profile murder cases, and presidential elections, Katie took a strategic leap when she jumped head first into launching her social media agency called Love Social Media. 

Having built her own personal brand & following on social media in her previous life as a news reporter, Katie repurposed that savvy to fuel her true passion of working with her all-female team on transforming and elevating other women founded businesses.
‍Katie knows first-hand the deep fulfillment that comes from self-starting and self-sustaining — and works tirelessly to support her clients in scaling their businesses to the top. Katie and her team have worked with over 300 businesses, and have attracted celebrity clients including Oscar-winning Actress Naomi Watts and Bethenny Frankel.


Katie Love


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Natalie keeps the team organized by staying on top of all client accounts, updates, issues, and questions. You might even meet her on a call where she’ll be taking lots of notes, right from the get-go! 

Natalie’s love of social media goes back years: from running her own social media pages as a TV news anchor to taking a behind-the-scenes role where she managed an entire team’s digital strategy.  Now she loves browsing cooking videos on TikTok, travel Reels on Instagram, and memes on Facebook or Twitter. Pittsburgh is her hometown, where she’s a typical Yinzer that loves to yell at a Steeler game—if she’s not buried in a book. 

Executive director

Natalie Weir

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As an Account Manager at Love Social Media, Tiffany handles a variety of clients specializing in the luxury space (most being clean & sustainable too - yay!). Tiffany spends her days fostering client relationships, creating content, strategizing month-to-month, and working to create beautiful social media accounts.

She loves that social media can help businesses build genuine relationships with their ideal audience and that it is always changing, pushing everyone to try new things (and get outside their comfort zone, because we all need that push sometimes!). Tiffany has a Lifestyle Blog that was established in 2016 and often uses that as a way to try new social media features, experiment, and test new ideas before implementing them in her own clients' social strategies!

cREATIVE Content director

Tiffany Kohut


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Nicole thrives in fast-paced environments that allow her to showcase her creativity, and she does just that as an Account Manager at Love Social Media. Nicole cares deeply about her clients (she’s a Pisces), and makes a point to actively stay on top of the latest trends while strategizing, creating and implementing new and exciting content across platforms for them.

Nicole started her career in sports media as a staff writer and PensTV host for the Pittsburgh Penguins before switching to digital marketing at her hometown station— which is where her love for social media marketing stems from. Born and raised in raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Nicole is a HUGE Pittsburgh sports fan. She is obsessed with her golden retriever Blitz (yes, that’s a Steelers BLITZburgh reference), country music and traveling. 

Account Manager

 Nicole Jelinek


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Cara utilizes her advanced graphic design skills on a daily basis to support the Love Social Media Team with top tier content. In addition to creating feed and story content, she assists on audits, any needed branding or collateral.  She has a BFA in Graphic Design from Georgia Southern University.

Cara loves lifting weights in the gym, working on her new home or exploring her passion for craft beer. She’s a huge Bravo fan, lover of farmer’s markets and traveling when she can. You can most often find this Georgia girl spending quality time with her husband and two little adorable peaches, Ava and Annie. Fun fact? Cara has lived in four states! 

SENIOR Graphic Designer

Cara Alexander


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In Kalena's role as a community manager, she creates content and provides support for various clients. Her responsibilities foster both creativity and organization, which is what she loves about social media. She joined the LSM team because she was excited by the opportunity to be surrounded by a team with a high level of expertise that took an interest in her professional growth. 

In her spare time, you'll find her coaching [solidcore] classes, renovating her new home, or trying new Pittsburgh restaurants. Fun fact—she shares a birthday with Ariana Grande! Oh, and go Steelers!

content creator & influencer manager

Kalena Grimes


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Joanna is excited to take on the role of Community Manager with the LSM team so she can help clients create fresh, innovative content to strengthen their brand and those relationships. 
She brings a vast knowledge of TV & Video Production as well as on-camera experience and is ready to help clients get "camera ready."

She is also a proud military-wife and mother of two kids and one very snuggly dog and when she's not working you can find her binge-watching anything with a fresh coffee or some spicy snacks. Fun Fact: Joanna was an event makeup artist in a "past life" so she enjoys a good glam moment-- when her busy military-mom schedule allows (so not that often). 


Joanna Heims


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Julia creates engaging, powerful content for her clients and connects with their audiences through community engagement. 

Her favorite thing about social media is that it can reach people all over the globe.

In her free time, you’ll find her writing—always with a cup of coffee! 

engagement strategist

Julia Andrade


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Elizabeth has a background in content marketing, her strategy heavily focuses on storytelling to elevate brand messaging.

After 10+ years of experience in e-commerce and digital PR, working for companies like WeddingWire and Travel Channel, she dove into being a paid media maven.

When she's not optimizing ad campaigns, you can find her running around with her two kids,
cycling on the Peloton (shoutout to Cody’s hilarious rides!) walking around our new town with our silver lab in search of the best coffee.

paid media manager

Elizabeth McNevin

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Veronica supports the team with content creation and engages in thoughtful discussions on client platforms. 

Veronica’s favorite thing about social media is that it allows brands to directly engage with their target audiences in an authentic way. She also loves that it fosters creativity while serving as an incredibly valuable tool for learning and sharing knowledge or ideas! You can often hear her say: “I learned it from social media!”

Fun fact: Veronica was a member of the NBA’s original Brooklyn Nets dance team, the Brooklynettes!

Community Manager

Veronica Coyle

Love Social Media Values

As industry leaders, we do the research and track the trends. But we know better than to get distracted by every shiny new thing that comes along—we’re all about building solid, sustainable strategies. We understand the value of a social media presence (we’ve been doing this a while!), but we also know that you can’t be everywhere at once. We prioritize targeted content for efficiency and maximum benefit.


We pride ourselves on being creative, not only in content creation but in the big picture vision our clients have. We craft personalized strategies and dynamic brand storytelling for each of our clients—no cookie-cutter templates here! We have the innovation and big ideas to take your business to the next level. 


Yes, we actually completely love social media! We don’t create just to create—we never give a client something we’re not excited about. We’re passionate about helping our clients reach their business goals. Their success is our success. Using social media as a positive force helps us empower women entrepreneurs, something else we’re passionate about. 


Let's work together

We’ll bring our creativity, passion, and expertise to hype your business, grow your brand, and amplify your digital presence with real, measurable results.

You're the expert in your business—you don't have to be a social media expert too!