Like Charlie’s Angels, we’ll deploy our highly trained team to assess your brand across your social media platforms, investigate how you’re faring against the competition, and analyze how your audience is responding to your message.

If your social media is a mystery, let us help you solve it!

You’ve had your social media accounts for a while, but you’re not seeing the results you’d like. 

You feel behind on the latest trends.

You’re out of content ideas. 

You’re afraid of becoming irrelevant. 

You have no idea what to do next.

Does this sound familiar?

You feel empowered as a business owner and know you can grow and improve your social media presence.

You have a ton of content ideas, both trendy and timeless.

You feel at home talking about content strategy, channel management, and engagement.

You’re getting maximum value out of your social media—all while using your existing assets and branding.

What if, instead of feeling overwhelmed by social media, you felt confident in your strategy and able to pivot as necessary?

I need This!

A 30-minute final Zoom call to present our audit and answer any questions

Content ideas and suggestions so you’ll never be wondering what to post

Our strategic hashtag recommendations

Feed and story templates designed specifically for your brand

A strategy for social content that will keep your audience engaged moving forward

A review of your current content to see what’s working and where we can improve

A 30-minute initial Zoom call to get to know you and your brand

Social Media Audit: $1,500 - $2,500 based on # of platforms

We’re here to guide you through the jargon, trends, and logistics of a successful social media presence. You’ll emerge knowledgeable, confident, and prepared with strategies and actionable content to move your business forward.

Don't let social media stress you out.

Social Media Audit & Strategy Roadmap

Not ready to do our audit? Schedule a one hour strategy session first!

- Alexa Rae Schiefer

"In one word, I would say my experience was MAGIC!!! I worked with Katie and gave her my high level vision and WOW did she deliver!!! I was in awe with the strategy, templates, and overall outcome with them! I would highly recommend Love Social Media to anyone!!!"

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